Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been a regular vacation spot for my family for years. Inexpensive condos right on the beach, plenty of good food and entertainment, and warm weather and ocean waters cannot be beat (especially when you live in Maine and are craving summer after a long winter). From time to time we offer the trip out to students as well. This most recent group was about as outgoing as can be… they were up for just about any adventure.

We went to botanical gardens and zoos. The wildlife in South Carolina can be a tad more sketchy than that of Maine…
but we handled that with aplomb (for the most part).

The condo was spectacular. Five bedrooms and four bathrooms, air hockey and video games, air conditioning and balconies overlooking the beach….what more do you need?

The weather was wonderful as well. We lucked out and had plenty of sunny days. Many afternoons were spent on the beach building sandcastle or boogie boarding.

We even ventured out for a banana boat trip! We were lucky enough to see a giant loggerhead turtle floating not far off shore.

The drive down and back to Myrtle Beach was long at sixteen hours. We packed ourselves into a passenger van and slept and listened to music, snacked on fast food and conversed as we moved from one state to the next. The highlight of the trip home was a late night stop in Washington D.C. We got to visit the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial before heading back home to spring (and much cooler temperatures) in Maine.