Charlie Scimone Chess

Mr. Scimone will teach an Eagle Term Course on playing chess.

By Julia Gemeinhardt ’19 and Abigayle Gifford ’19

This May, classes at Lincoln Academy will be totally different. Eagle Term is a new program that LA is starting in a few weeks. Eagle Term is a short term in which students sign up for three-week classes in their areas of interest. The teachers at LA choose topics they would like the teach that they don’t teach on a regular basis. Students will start to take their finals on May 17th, leaving the last three weeks of school for Eagle Term.

Eagle Term is the idea of Head of School, David Sturdevant. Sturdevant told us the main purpose of eagle term, “To allow a student to take a course that they might not be able to fit into their regular schedule.” Eagle Term is meant to have a positive impact on students, “it’s for students so they try and experience different things, it’s also useful to students so they can make up credit recovery,” says Sturdevant.

The course guide for Eagle Term states that, “To graduate, all freshmen, sophomores and juniors must participate in Eagle Term”. Seniors will not be participating because they will be involved in senior activities and marching practice. There will be four periods for Eagle Term, each period will meet everyday. Students may take four one-period courses or two two-period courses.

Mr. Mess

Mr. Mess is teaching several sections of ceramics during Lincoln Academy’s upcoming Eagle Term.

The classes for Eagle Term were split up into three different categories: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM); Humanities; and Arts and Wellness. Students are required to enroll in at least one offering from STEM and one from Humanities. Students have the opportunity to take booster courses, which will allow them to move to a higher course of that subject the following year. Recovery classes are also a part of Eagle Term for anyone who is failing a class and needs to make up the credit for it.

Courses range the Science of Star Wars to Organic Farming and Gardening. There are courses on how to play different sports, learning about the history of cooking and how to cook, performing arts, outdoor activities such as hiking, learning about different farm animals, and many others.

The student body of LA has many different opinions on Eagle Term. In general students are either excited for this change or not so happy about it, wishing that they had more time in their regular classes. Julia Cheney ‘19 says, “I would rather have two extra weeks of school to study and that way teachers wouldn’t have to cram everything in.” Another opinion, looking on the positive side of Eagle Term is, “it’s a chance to experience other activities outside of the classroom,” as Schuyler Farrell ‘19 told us.

All Eagle Term classes will count for one-sixth of an elective credit. Eagle Term classes will be graded and recorded for participation, but will not count towards a student’s GPA. On Wednesday, May 24, Lincoln Academy students and teachers will begin a new tradition called Eagle Term, a new educational experience for all.

See a link to the Eagle Term Course Guide here.

Julia Gemeinhardt and Abigayle Gifford are Lincoln Academy sophomores in the Yearbook and Communications Class.