Let the games begin!! This year was our second annual Gross Out Olympics held in the dorms. Created by proctors who have no problem inventing disgusting games and completely run by the student proctors as well, these games tend to be wild, hilarious, and unpredictable.

They began with an egg toss:

Always guaranteed to make a splash!

While the next event was prepared, students goofed around in the courtyard.

Then got right down to some serious Olympics.  This next one involved covering your face with whipped cream and having friends throw gummy bears and Cheetos in an attempt to make them stick.

Further on in the competition the students were dared to eat the spiciest food they could get their hands on.

One student below was known all year as “Ghost Pepper”  because of his penchant for eating the hottest peppers known to man… these “spicy” contest were a breeze in comparison!

Perhaps we should make things more gross?

How about putting your face in a pan of nutella, ketchup, and whipped cream and trying to pull out random pieces of food?

Uh…That’s gross enough, thanks!

They ended the Olympics with an impromptu water balloon fight. This helped to clean the mess on the patio and collectively “cleanse the palette”!!