2017 Eagle Award Winners

Lincoln Academy’s 2017 Eagle Award Winners.

By Nathan McIvor ‘17

On Wednesday, May 9th, during a special morning assembly in the Nelson Bailey gymnasium, Lincoln Academy honored twenty-nine students in the annual Eagle Awards ceremony.  In order to qualify, the recipients had to attain a cumulative, minimum GPA of ninety or above over their years of high school. The event was observed by an audience of parents, student, and school employees.  

Each student recipient was given a bouquet of flowers and an official school pin.  Head of School David Sturdevant, Associate Head Andy Mullin, and Carole Brinkler, Assistant to the Head of School, officiated the ceremony.  

“Winning an Eagle Award meant a lot to me, because it made the hard work of keeping my grades up all through high school feel like it was worth it,” said senior Eagle Award winner Essie Martin.

Senior Cate Organ said, “as a person who values hard work, receiving an Eagle Award reminded me that even throughout four years of high school I’ve grown and changed plenty, but I’ve never lost sight of how important it is to work hard.”

The 2017 Eagle Award winners are: Jacob Brown (Salutatorian), who will study Data Science & Analytics at Marist College, Sebastian Crocetti, who will attend the College of the Atlantic, Evan Eckel, who will pursue a degree in Professional Aviation at Purdue University, Annie Farnsworth, who will attend Clark University, Jordan Farrin, who will attend the University of Maine Farmington, John Henry, who will study Athletic Training at the University of New England, Hana Hirano, who will attend Smith College, Emily Huber, who will study Communication Sciences & Disorders at Elms College, Erin Kelly, who will major in Psychology at Franklin & Marshall College, Essie Martin, who will study biology at Bates College, Nathan McIvor, who will major in English at the University of Maine Farmington, Constance Mullin, who will study Nursing at St. Anselm College, Ha (Lam) Ngo, who will study Chemical Engineering at Rutgers University, Cagney O’Brien, who plans to major in Early Childhood Education at Central Maine Community College, Catherine Organ, who will major in Global Studies/International Business at Concordia University, Courtney Peabody, who will train in Pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island, Bailey Plourde, who will study Business at Centre College, Julianna Preston, who plans to major in Art History at Bard College, Carly Ransdell, who will study Political Science at Pace University, Mary Reid (valedictorian), who will major in Biology at Bard College, Maria-Elisa Serra, who returns to Spain and a Global Studies major at the University of Pompeu Fabra, Dan (Amy) Tran, who will major in Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Aaron Verdaguer-Gonzalez, who also returns to Spain to study medicine at the University of VIC, Kehan (Ken) Wang, who will study Business at Boston University, Wenjia (Hindley) Wang, who will major in Global Studies at Vassar College, Pengye (Teemo) Xu, who will study Computer Science at the University of Vermont, Shujin Xu (Jessi), who will study Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, Wenjing Yang, who will study Art and Design at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and Xinyi Zhou (Cynthia), who will study Computer Science at the University of Maryland.

Nathan McIvor is a senior at Lincoln Academy and an intern in the LA Communications Office.