School Presidents

New Lincoln Academy Student Council President Tahlia Mullen (L) with outgoing President Jupiter Solorzano (R). The results of the Lincoln Academy school-wide election were announced on Friday, April 28.

Last week Lincoln Academy students chose a new student Council president. Junior Tahlia Mullen will take over the reigns from outgoing president Jupiter Solorzano, whose term ends this week.

The Student Council President presides over weekly student council meetings and helps set the agenda for the student council throughout the year. While members at large are elected in September, the president’s term is staggered to give the leader a chance to gain some experience before the entire council changes over in September.

Mullen was elected from a field of three candidates that included fellow LA juniors Kendra Bellefleur and Ryan Kohnert. “I was really proud that all three candidates gave thoughtful, persuasive speeches to their peers,” said Student Council Advisor and LA history teacher Brian O’Mahoney. “There was no obvious campaigning to speak of. We had three viable candidates. They made thoughtful appeals to students and there was no gimmickry. In the end the students went with Tahlia, who is the student with the most recent Student Council experience.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as student body president,” said Solorzano of her departure. “I had so much fun, and I am so grateful to my Student Council for being committed, hard working representatives of the school. I’ll miss our meetings, because we always found some way to end up laughing. I can’t wait to see what Student Council does next year; I know Tahlia will lead them well.” 

Mullen herself is ready for her new role. “It’s great to see the democratic process within the school be met with such enthusiasm,” she said after her election. “Candidates delivered strong cases for themselves and were serious in their bid as president, and other students were exited to play a role in the election by casting their vote. After a year as a Class Representative and Student Council Secretary, I’m very exited to extend my influence as Student Council President next year.”

“It’s a big job and is largely what the individual makes of it,” said Mr. O’Mahoney. “I wish Tahlia the best in her year-long term.”