Hunter BRCTC

LA Junior Hunter Reilly is a carpentry student at the Bath Regional Career and Technical Center who was recently selected as a BRCTC Student of the Semester.

On May 12, the Bath Regional Career and Technical Center announced their Students of the Semester for the spring of 2017. Of the 15 honored students, five are current students Lincoln Academy.

Lincoln Academy junior Hunter Reilly was honored for his work in Carpentry 1. When presenting his award, his  teachers said, “Hunter has improved tremendously from the first semester to the second semester. He has completely changed his approach and attitude on what he wants to do and what he wants to get out of this class. Hunter has shown that he wants to learn and that he is very capable. He is developing leadership skills and has improved on his classroom participation.”

LA junior Lindsey Dalot was honored for her accomplishments in Early Childhood 1. Her teachers said, “Lindsey is a first year junior from Lincoln Academy and plans on coming back to complete the ECE program next year. Lindsay has been a leader in the class from the beginning and is always prepared. She has a natural talent for working with young children and uses this to help her while planning or teaching her lessons. She is a strong student who cares about her work. She has a good mix of being able to have fun while maintaining a learning environment.”

Graduating senior Hannah Reed was recognized for her accomplishments in the second year of Early Childhood Education at BRCTC. Her instructors said, “Hannah has a fun personality, and her natural talent for working with young children shines in her lesson planning. Hannah has a true understanding of what children need, and uses this daily in her interactions with them. She is always helpful in the classroom, and has the ability to be flexible when necessary. She is well respected by both her peers and the parents of the young ones.”

Zach Robbins BRCTC

LA junior Zach Robbins welding at the Bath Regional Career and Technical Center. Zach was selected as a BRCTC Student of the Semester for the Spring of 2017.

Junior Noah Steeves was recognized for excelling in Electricity 1. According to his teacher, “Noah is a first year Electricity student who shows promise in the field. He is consistently on task, follows instructions, and is good with his hands. Noah comes in each day, ready and eager to learn and is a great role model for those around him.”

Junior Zachary Robbins was honored for his accomplishments in Welding Fabrication. His teacher described him as “a hard working, ambitious young man with an excellent attitude.  Zachary is a good welder who pays close attention to detail and the quality of his work is evident in the shop. He is a good role model and will be successful at whatever he chooses to do in life.”

“Lincoln Academy students are taking advantage of the great programs offered at BRCTC,” commented Head of School David Sturdevant. “They are following their passions as they pursue the acquisition of skills for a chosen career path.  We are pleased that they continue to excel in their classes at BRCTC.”

Associate Head of School Andy Mullin said of the students’ recognition, “We are extremely proud of our recently recognized students we share with BRCTC–Hannah, Hunter, Lindsey, Noah and Zachary. They have all worked very hard this year, and it is gratifying to see their efforts are widely recognized. Hannah will be missed next year, but Lincoln wishes her well in her future pursuits. As for our current juniors who will be returning to their programs next year, we are eager to see them continue in their various programs, and we are excited about their developing potential. Congratulations to all!”