Hard Rock cafe

Lincoln Academy music teacher Liz Matta (R) with the students in her History of Rock and Roll class at Boston’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Students in Lincoln Academy music teacher Liz Matta’s History of Rock and Roll traveled to Boston recently to visit the Hard Rock Cafe.

“The Hard Rock is the closest we can get to a Rock and Roll museum,” explained Matta. “The opportunity to see memorabilia from many of the musicians we study is a beneficial part of the learning process, and makes the trip to Boston well-worthwhile.”

Students chose three pieces of memorabilia at the Hard Rock to photograph and research as a final project in the class. They then completed an in-class presentation on each of the pieces. “Student presentations included each rock and roll group’s performance history, style of music, and significance to the History of Rock and Roll,” said Matta. “Memorabilia is a great lens to look at the musical genre as a whole.”