Art Show

Senior Riley Storms (L) and senior Riley Cushing with their ceramic work at the student art show at River Arts.

By Hamel Margaritis

The Lincoln Academy Student Art Show at River Art has been going on for eight years. This show gives the students the opportunity to show off their best artwork made in ceramics, sculpture, photography, drawing, painting, and other visual art classes at LA. Students are given the chance to sell their art to people who attend the show and love their work.

When preparing for the art show students have to choose some of their best work. Once students have the work hey are most proud of, they bring the work to The River Arts Gallery in Damariscotta. Students set up their own displays to best present their art work. Luckily there are multiple rooms in the River Arts Gallery building to choose from.

art show

Senior Jupiter Solorzano with her painting at the student art show.

“It was one of the best high school openings they’ve had at the gallery since starting this art show. It was a great experience to have as a high school student,” said senior Sarah Simmons who displayed her ceramics and sculptures in the show.

Once the art show is open, it stays at the gallery for two weeks for whoever wants to come in and walk around.

This year’s art show was the best opening weekend River Arts has had for a high school opening weekend in terms of the number of people attending the Thursday evening opening and also the amount of sales. When students sell their artwork the gallery places a red dot next to the art to indicate that it is sold.

“Art certainly holds no price but this year’s show was by far the best I’ve seen,” said senior Julianna Lafrenaye, who also showed her ceramics and photography in the art show.

“We had a record breaking opening night for sales,” said Lincoln Academy ceramics teacher Jonathan Mess. “It seems like the art show gets better every year. The quality of my students’ work always amazes me. As I step back from the process, I am reminded of how hard they have worked, and how much they’ve grown not only as as artists but as individuals.”

art show

The author, Hamel Margaritis with his ceramics at the student art show.

The experience of being in an art show as a student in high school makes student artists feel that their work is truly one of a kind. Giving the opportunity to sell work to people in the community is also amazing because when people appreciate the art, it helps students feel good about their work. From the community perspective it is a great experience to see the artwork that students have made throughout the year of being in art class. This also gives the option of purchasing great work for a great price. In the end the art show is a great opportunity to show the different stages of creating art for the students, teachers, and community.

Hamel Margaritis is a Lincoln Academy senior and a student in the Yearbook and Communications Class.