Lincoln Academy Ukuleles

Lincoln Academy’s Ukulele students with their instructor, Beth Preston, gave a performance at the Lincoln Home on May 8.

Lincoln Academy’s ukulele class made an appearance at the Lincoln Home on Tuesday, playing hits from the Great American Songbook and folk sing-a-long songs. “The uke is very easy to pick up and play easily,” says Beth Preston, teacher of the class. “Current artists use the ukulele in their rock and pop tunes, so the kids frequently know a few tunes before they start the class. It’s fun to introduce them to the songs from the 30’s and 40’s that have more difficult chord progressions.” Lincoln Academy’s music department offers a wide variety of “hands on” trimester courses including Beginner Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, and Improv Percussion.

“We always hope kids will find time in their schedules to take the full-year performing groups,” said Preston. “Lincoln Academy’s Bands and Choirs offer students a nice continuation of their skills learned in middle school and junior high. All of these classes, whether full year or single trimester, fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts (Fine Arts) credit for graduation.”