By Nathan McIvor’17

Josh Pelkey, Associate Director of Admissions

A lifelong vocalist and world traveler, Josh Pelkey maintains a cheerful outlook on life. His untrammeled enthusiasm makes him an endearing presence in an effort to recruit residential students both at home and abroad as Lincoln Academy’s new Associate Director of Admissions.

Pelkey was immediately dispatched to Japan three days after arriving at Lincoln in mid-June, a situation that reflects the nature of the  international admissions job: always on the move. He assists Director of Enrollment and Marketing, Sheryl Stearns, in recruiting international students; having a degree of autonomy in the job’s travel component, he and Stearns will often be in different parts of the world simultaneously. In addition to traveling, Pelkey’s job engages him in various administrative functions, updating the database system and networking with other institutions and educational services.

“I’m very collaborative; I’m better with people than I am alone” says Pelkey, making him a strong fit for the Development, Admissions, and Alumni Office, located at 4 Hillcrest Road on the south end of the Lincoln Academy campus. Previously he worked for EF, an education services company based in Boston; prior to which he was the Director of International Student Recruitment at White Mountain School in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Lincoln Academy’s campus atmosphere—“how many sports fields there are!”—drew him to the school, as he claims to love working in a friendly, professional setting.

In his early twenties, something went drastically wrong with Pelkey’s cellular make-up, spreading throughout his body. It was cancer. Despite the diagnosis, the young education professional concluded that, if anything the disease made him want to experience life more, with an “oddly positive” attitude. His battle with—and eventual triumph over—the disease led him to pursue life with enthusiasm. Traveling became part of his job; it keeps him alive.

Pelkey has a B.A. in Music and Vocal Studies from the University of Vermont, and an M.A. in Music from the Longy School of Music, Bard College. He will serve as a dormitory parent in Lincoln Academy’s Kiah Bayley Hall, where he recently moved in with his cats, Charlie and Guinevere.

Nathan McIvor is a 2017 graduate of Lincoln Academy and an intern in the LA Communications Office.