Lincoln Academy students return to school next week, starting orientation by grade. Detailed information about the opening school days can be found below:

Tuesday, August 29 (ninth grade only): 

Ninth graders begin their orientation on August 29. Incoming ninth graders should report to the LA gym at 7:45, and their school day will end at 2:35. Buses will depart at 2:50. On that day the freshmen will have the campus to themselves while they get to know each other, their teachers, and the campus.

Wednesday, August 30 (seniors all day, sophomore and juniors morning only, freshmen afternoon only):

Seniors will participate in a full day orientation at Kieve-Wavus on Wednesday, August 30. Senior should report to their advisor classrooms on Wednesday prepared to spend the day outside participating in rigorous physical activity and team building.

Sophomores and Juniors begin their orientation on Wednesday, August 30, with a half-day from 7:50-11:40. Sophomores will participate in a morning of community service, while juniors will have career day. Both classes should report to their advisor classrooms in the morning. Buses will depart after the half day at 11:55.

Ninth graders should arrive at Lincoln at at 3 pm on Wednesday, August 30 to continue their second day of orientation. Parents and guardians are invited to arrive at school at 4:45 p.m. and report to their student’s advisor classroom, where they will participate in orientation until 6:30 pm. A regular bus run will be made to transport freshmen to the Academy for the 3:00 p.m. start. Parents/guardians will be expected to provide transportation home for their student at 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 31 (all classes):

All classes will have a full day of school on Thursday, August 31. Students should report to their advisor classrooms in the morning to pick up their academic schedules, and be prepared with their laptops for a regular academic day. School hours are 7:50-2:35, and buses depart at 2:50.

Preseason athletics have already begun, and scrimmages and games are in full swing. For more information about the Lincoln Academy athletic schedule, please visit the Athletics page of the LA website.

For more information about Lincoln Academy student registration or the orientation schedule, please visit the Parent/Guardian page of the LA website or call Carole Brinkler at 563-3596 ext. 102.