On Wednesday, September 20, Lincoln Academy will host its annual Open House for families of LA students. Families should start this informative evening in their student’s advisor classroom at 6:00 pm, where they will receive a mini “bell schedule” to follow from class to class. This allows parents to meet each of their students’ teachers and learn a little about each class.

At 7:30, when the Open House ends, families are invited to walk to the Poe Theater for a one-hour LA Town Hall meeting, where they can hear more about the school and ask any questions they may have. Members of the public are invited to attend this Town Hall meeting, whether or not they have students currently attending LA.

No RSVP is necessary. Questions about Lincoln Academy’s Open House and Town Hall Meeting should be directed to Carole Brinkler, Assistant to the Head of School, at 563-3596 ext. 102.