LAIT rebuild

Members of Lincoln Academy’s Innovation Technology Team (LAIT) rebuilding laptops from broken parts in LA’s Applied Technology and Engineering Center (ATEC)

by Mike Lee

As the school year kicks off, Lincoln Academy’s Innovation Technology Team (LAIT), led by Academic Technology Coordinator Stephanie Cheney and ATEC Fellow Mike Lee, meet several days a week to take on technology challenges large and small. 

At one of their first meetings, twelve LAIT club member embarked on a mission to assemble as many working laptops as possible from a collection of used and broken computers owned by the school. Though damaged, each of these Chromebooks has salvageable parts that can be reassembled into working machines. 

“It’s like ‘build a bear,’ but with technology” said Kendra Bellefleur ’18, a student leader of LAIT. “Some of the computers are missing eyes or noses, so we are putting them back together again to make ‘Frankenstein’ laptops!” 

Once refurbished, the laptops can be sold for a modest fee to students who need computers for school. “By reusing these parts, we’re reducing our electronic waste to a minimum, which is great for the environment,” said Stephanie Cheney, LA’s new Academic Technology Coordinator, who advises LAIT, “and also helping students with their technology needs. As a bonus, the LAIT kids are getting a great hardware lesson!”

Families of LA students interested in purchasing a refurbished Chromebook should contact Stephanie Cheney (