#wearelincolnacademy: Governance, History, and Homecoming

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#wearelincolnacademy: Governance, History, and Homecoming

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David Sturdevant

David Sturdevant has served as Lincoln Academy’s Head of School since 2013.

By David Sturdevant

As we continue to look back at the history of Lincoln Academy, we can see that many men and women have had a significant impact on the school and its students. The earliest people to affect the school were, of course, the founders, to whom I have already alluded. Over the years, the school has had many trustees, and because LA is an independent non-profit status school, those trustees serve on a self-perpetuating board. At the outset, the Academy’s by-laws called for a maximum of 13 trustees. As time passed, that number grew to 16, and then to 18, where it stands today.

Many trustees served lengthy terms, especially in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. While some trustees served just a few years, most served between 10 and 20 years, and a few served more than 25. Kiah Bayley, himself, served for 26 years. In 1957, at its annual meeting, the Board of Trustees elected Ellis Nash to be the first Trustee Emeritus of LA. He was recognized for 50 years of service!  In the modern era, by-law changes called for trustee term limits, and now trustees may serve up to three, four-year terms. The most recent long-serving trustee was George Masters, who retired from the board in 2014, after 27 years.

While the majority of trustees over the years have come from the communities on the Midcoast, the board has expanded its list of candidates to include people, usually alumni, who live outside of the state. The board looks for trustees who bring a diversity of talents and experience to the table and is intentional and deliberate about achieving a balance based on those qualities.  Since 1801, 237 men and women have served on the Lincoln Academy Board of Trustees. Of the current 16 members, the longest-serving individual began her term in 2006.

The officers of the Board include the President, the Vice President, the Chair of the Finance Committee, and the Secretary. The standing committees include the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee, the Buildings and Grounds Committee, the Development Committee, the Personnel Committee, and the Governance Committee. More on governance and LA history next week.

This week is homecoming week, complete with class competitions throughout the week, a home golf match at Wawenock, and a home cross country meet here on campus on Friday afternoon.  The homecoming dance for students takes place on Friday evening after the parade from Damariscotta up the hill and a bonfire. LA hosts home field hockey and soccer games on Saturday, as well as an alumni soccer game. The festivities wrap up with a golf tournament on Sunday. For more details, please visit our website. I hope to see you around campus this weekend!

As always, should you have questions about Lincoln Academy, please feel free to make an appointment to meet with me. You may contact Carole Brinkler, Assistant to the Head of School at 207-563-3596, ext.102

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