Puerto Rico

This home in Puerto Rico had its roof blown off by Hurricane Maria. The home belongs to a neighbor of LA language teacher Lourdes Von Vogt’s cousin. So far LA students have raised nearly $2000 to support hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Florida, Houston, and the Caribbean. The next fundraiser is the International Club dinner on November 8 from 4-7 pm.

The Lincoln Academy community has given generously to support hurricane victims in Florida, Houston, the Caribbean islands, and Puerto Rico. The funds have been raised by students in the National Honor Society and the International Club, two student-run organizations that have a history of raising funds to support natural disaster relief for places in need. So far they have raised and donated close to $2000.

“I am moved by the continuing generosity of the Lincoln Academy students,” said LA modern languages teacher Lourdes Von Vogt, who advises the International Club with the other language teachers, Carl Von Vogt, Lyn Bass, and Alison Welch. “Even after people gave generously after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, they dug deep again to support people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.”

Ms. Von Vogt, who is a native of Puerto Rico, was particularly invested in supporting people there after the storm, which included members of her family. “My cousin’s carport was destroyed by a tree, and her neighbor’s roof blew entirely off her house. This is very personal for me.”

Funds have been donated to several organizations, including the Humane Society, Americares, and the Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund. A portion of funds from the upcoming International Club Dinner on November 8 will also be donated hurricane relief.

“Students learn many things at Lincoln Academy, including compassion,” said Von Vogt. “Their generosity is amazing.”