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Lincoln Academy’s Five O’Clock Jazz Combo at a recent gig in Newcastle.

Lincoln Academy’s top jazz combo, Five O’Clock Jazz, is now available for gigs outside of school. The combo, which features 6-8 student musicians and band teacher Liz Matta on alto saxophone, books out at $75 an hour. All proceeds support the band trip to the Heritage Festival in New York City, which takes place in April of 2018.

“The New York trip is expensive, and we do everything we can to reduce the cost for each student,” said Matta. “We sell citrus fruit, and wreaths to raise money, but it makes sense to sell the thing we do best as a group, which is playing music. We would be happy to play for holiday parties, open houses, and weddings. This band travels well!”

Lincoln Academy’s Five O’Clock Jazz Combo at Midcoast Cnservancy’s Champaign on the Sheepscot event. From left: Lucas Steinberger ’20 on bass, Dave Oh ’18 on guitar, Jojo Martin ’18 on keys, Same Laemmle ’18 on Guitar. Other musicians in the combo include Maya Bailey ’18 on flute, Jarrett Gulden ’20 on sax, Helen Newell ’18 on clarinet, Benji Pugh ’20 on trumpet, and Prince Shema ’18 on drums, as well as band director Liz Matta on sax.

The Midcoast Conservancy hired the band for their Champagne on the Sheepscot event, which took place in September.  “Everyone at the party raved the band,” said Ali Stevenson, Communications Manager for Midcoast Conservancy, who was the event organizer. “Seriously, they were playing music at a level that you would expect to hear at a jazz club in New York City. It was awesome!”

“We are always looking for gigs,” said Matta. “In addition to the fundraising, it is great performance experience for the musicians, who get a little better each time we play.”

Anyone interested in hiring LA’s Five O’Clock Jazz combo should contact Liz Matta at