Members of the Lincoln Academy Robotics Team (from left): Zack Goodwin, Austin Teele, Amir Mukhametkarim, Rozemarjn Mekelenkamp, and Anne Teele at the recent robotics meet in Biddeford.

Five robot enthusiasts from the Lincoln Academy student body took two robots to the Maine’s inaugural VEX Robotics competition of season on Saturday, October 29 in Biddeford. Austin Teele and Zack Goodwin competed as 8030 A, the “Electric Eagles”, while Rozemarjn Mekelenkamp, Amir Mukhametkarim, and Anne Teele, built a robot for team 8030 B, the “Dielectric Eagles.” This was the first time LA has sent two robots to a competition, a change which coincided with improved results: 8030 A qualified for the knockout round for the first time, and 8030 B narrowly missed out.

“We’ve never been this far in the competition before,” said student leader Austin Teele, “It’s great to have that success!”

The two teams have spent the first few months of this trimester designing, building, and testing out their robots. This year’s VEX Robotics challenge is called “In the Zom” and involves stacking cones, then moving piles of stacked cones into different scoring zones in a standard-sized arena. A match sees two teams, each with two robots, working together to stack and score cones as fast as possible within a two minute time period. In all, there were 20 teams at the event, so the LA students had a chance to meet other schools, discuss tactics, and trade ideas for robots.

“It was inspiring to see all the different designs,” said Rozemarjn Mekelenkamp, “Next time, we are going to have a much better robot!” The team will have more chances to improve and compete through the year, since the VEX robotics season continues into the spring of 2018.

The Robotics Club meets on Tuesday during lunch and after school on Monday and Thursday. All welcome; no experience with robotics is needed! For more information about Robotics at Lincoln Academy contact ATEC intern Mike Lee at