2017Districts Qualifiers

Lincoln Academy student musicians who qualified for the District Honors Festival in Band and Choir.

This year more than 80 Lincoln Academy student musicians auditioned for the District 3 Honors Music Festival, and of those, a record 51 qualified to participate, several in both band and choir. Qualifying musicians will participate in the District 3 Honors Festival, which takes place at Cony High School in Augusta on January 26-27.

Students who qualified in band are: Chris Burrow, Katie Colomb, Caroline Fowler, Lily Goltz, Jarrett Gulden, Emily Harris, Gus Hunt, Thomas Jones, Sam Laemmle, Avery Lowe, Jojo Martin, Stuart McNaughton, Adlai Nelson, Helen Newell, Lauren Pusey-Nazzaro, Olivia Richmond, Sam Russ, Lucas Steinberger, Riley Stevenson, Quinn Straus, and Tommy Thelander. 

Qualifiers for Mixed Choir are: Sammi Aho, Jonah Daiute, John Henry Eddyblouin, Boyan Fan, May Halm, Miles Jackson, Ethan Jones, Sam Laemmle, Alicia Long, Jojo Martin, Riley Mercier, Helen Newell, Phoebe Pugh, Rachael Schuster, Aiden Stapp, Ian Stapp, Kayleigh Tolley, Caleb Wight, and Liam Zuber. 

Qualifiers for Treble Choir are: Mara Barker, Kendra Bellefleur, Honora Boothby, Camden LeBel, Josie Mathiau, Amelia Rosko, Jenna Sullivan, Emma Tolley, and Katherine Tolley.