Members of the Lincoln Academy Climate Action Club pose with the new efficient lightbulbs whose purchase has been matched by Mid-Coast Energy Systems. From left: Amelia Carlson, Camden LeBel, Vanessa Albert, Sam Laemmle, Jojo Martin, Riley Stevenson, Jack Wehrle, Isabelle Manahan, Andrea Gutierrez, Maddie Archer, Alex Marin, LA science teacher and Climate Action Club advisor Charlie Scimone, LA Facilities Manager Bill Teele, and Mid-Coast Energy Systems President Bill Morgner.

Last week Mid-Coast Energy Systems matched funds raised by the Lincoln Academy Climate Action Club to provide a total of $6000 in energy-efficient LED lighting for Lincoln Academy. The investment in lighting will continue to pay dividends in energy savings for years to come, according to Helen Telfer, Lincoln Academy’s Chief Financial Officer.

Bill Morgner, who is a member of the Lincoln Academy Board of Trustees as well as President of Mid-Coast Energy Systems, presented a $3k donation to LA Facilities Director Bill Teele at the Climate Action Club meeting, which takes place every Friday in the classroom of science teacher Charlie Scimone, who advises the club. The Club will add $1500, which will be matched by rebates from Efficiency Maine. “The Climate Action Club is happy to be involved in a community group effort to improve the school,” Scimone said.

“We are happy that a local business is making a donation that is kind to both our school and to the planet,” said sophomore Jojo Martin, who is a member of the Climate Action Club.

Teele will install the bulbs when they arrive. “These bulbs have long life expectancy compared to regular bulbs, and we expect to see actual electric savings immediately after installation, which will help Lincoln Academy’s energy efficiency efforts, as well as save money for the school.”

Sam Laemmle, an LA senior and the Climate Action Club President, said, “We are thrilled Midcoast Energy has joined the Climate Action Club in its goal to create a more sustainable future within our school and community. Businesses have the ability to make huge steps towards achieving a sustainable future, and Midcoast Energy strides towards this goal.”