#wearelincolnacademy: Update on ATEC

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#wearelincolnacademy: Update on ATEC

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Kyle Tong is the Lincoln Academy Coordinator of Curriculum and Auxiliary Programs. He joined the LA staff in June of 2017.

“Takeover” Column by guest author Kyle Tong, Lincoln Academy’s Coordinator of Curriculum and Auxiliary Programs.

I am excited to report on some great work that is being done by the ATEC Advisory Committee that was formed this fall. The purpose of this group is to review present programming, then research and make recommendations as to the future direction of ATEC curricular offerings and pedagogy.

The group is comprised of Lincoln Academy administrators and faculty members who teach in ATEC as well as other subject areas. In addition, we have the help of members of the community including Anneliese Pugh, Bob Manning, and John Reny who have lent their time, experience and expertise by bringing in valuable perspectives and insights from the community and their professional lives.

As a result of our preliminary work we can report the following:

  • We believe that coursework in ATEC is valuable and important for all students attending Lincoln Academy. A gateway course that provides exposure and an introduction to STEM, computing, design, fabrication, and production should be required of all students early in their career at LA. This will give all students a strong foundation and understanding of this important academic area.
  • Based on an early opportunity to take this introductory course, students will have ample chance to avail themselves of coursework in greater depth in ATEC, giving them valuable skills and preparation for adult careers.
  • In looking at traditional offerings within applied materials, it is apparent that we need to focus upon and provide instruction in two areas—design and production. In the design realm there will be more need for preparation in computer aided or based design. Consequently, we believe that it is important to extend our computer offerings with a focus on both computer principles and coding/language.
  • We have also preliminarily identified new areas of study based upon 21st Century advances in technology and with an eye towards preserving some of the mid-coast’s heritage trades. These areas of focus and development have been in Maritime Trades, Renewable Energy, and Aeronautics. We are excited about the possibilities in these areas and the support that exists in the communities to help develop these programs!

I look forward to sharing more as we move forward as a group. Don’t hesitate to contact me here at Lincoln Academy with thoughts and ideas.

Take care and all the best in this Christmas and Holiday Season!
Kyle Tong

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