2018 LA NHS

Newly inducted junior members are, middle row from left: Shuyu Pang, Madeleine Archer, Lily Goltz, Emily Harris, Nolan Michael, Charlie Sleeman, Will Schaeffer. Middle row from left: Jonah Daiute, Katherine Tolley, Wendy Qin, Bryce York, Jemma Tang, Rachael Schuster, PingZi Yue, Madeline York. Front row from left: Kayleigh Tolley, Alexandria Fabiano, May Halm, Kate Peters, Aspen Dyer, and Paige Camp.

On Monday, January 22, The Lincoln Academy chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) inducted 22 new members, all of whom are juniors at LA. NHS members are selected for excellence in three areas: scholarship, service, and character, and the induction ceremony, which was led by senior officers Hannah Davis, Levi McAtee, Olivia Richmond, and Tommy Thelander, focused on the importance of each quality to selection in the NHS. English department chair Bryan Manahan and Head of School David Sturdevant also made remarks congratulating students on their achievement.

“I would like to congratulate the members that were just inducted and thank the senior members for a job well done at the ceremony,” said NHS faculty advisor Amanda Armstrong. “We hope to get right to work this week organizing a talent show to raise money for the student sunshine fund!”
Senior members of the LA Chapter of the National Honor Society who were inducted last year are: Samantha Aho, Emma Allen, Madison Allen, Maya Bailey, Katie Colomb, Hannah Davis (Officer), Finn Dworkin, Logan Eckel, Ashley Eugley, Caroline Fowler, Brinley Harrison, Taylor Holmes, Lisa Howard, Sam Laemmle, Jacob Maker, Nathan Masters, Levi McAtee (Officer), Akiko Montanaro, Tahlia Mullen, Helen Newell, Oliver Oakley, Sara Peavey, Jon Pinkham, Khloe Poland, Phoebe Pugh, Lauren Pusey-Nazzaro, Olivia Richmond (Officer), Thomas Thelander (Officer), Grace Wehrle, Basel White, Can Yozgat, and Sunny Zhou.
More photos of the induction ceremony can be found at this link on the LA Flickr page.