Sophomore Alex Hall waves the traditional LA flag while Assistant Athletic Director Phil Page ’70 supervises the tug-of-war

Winter Carnival has been a Lincoln Academy tradition since 1966. For one week each February students compete by class in events ranging from dodgeball to quiz bowl to a snow sculpture contest and outdoor tug-of-war.

During the week classes are shortened by a few minutes to make time for a daily Winter Carnival assembly, where competitions take place. Points won in competitions are combined with points earned through dress-up counts (the number of students who dress in daily-themed costumes) for point totals. At the end of the week one class claims bragging rights as Winter Carnival Winner. This year the seniors won in a contest that came down to the final events on Friday afternoon.

Senior class president Levi McAtee observed, “there’s nothing like intense, friendly competition to bring people together. I think it’s safe to say that Winter Carnival is the week we feel closest as classmates. Each victory is earned and celebrated by the whole class–together. It’s not about athletes or individuals, it’s about working together to have a bunch of fun… and beat the juniors.”

“During Winter Carnival I interact with people that I don’t see every day,” said junior Alison York. “We unite as a class during the competition, and even after the week is over we stay close.”

Phil Page graduated from Lincoln Academy in 1970 and remembers many Winter Carnivals as both a student and long-serving staff member. He said, “It is always fun to watch the classes come together quickly to demonstrate creativity, teamwork, and the will to win, which brings school spirit to a fever pitch at LA. Winter Carnival 2018 was no exception.”

Obstacle course

Ninth grader Sierra Henderson competes in the traditional winter carnival obstacle course.

Fifties Day

Wednesday, Feb. 7 was “Fifties Day” at LA Winter Carnival, and students received points for dressing up. Dressed in fifties fashion from left: senior Levi McAtee, sophomore Braxton Farrin, junior Chase Harris, junior Emily Harris, senior Sam Laemmle, junior Alex Marin, sophomore Stuart McNaughton, and sophomore Jack Wehrle.​​

Dodge ball

Seniors compete in dodgeball. From left: Khloe Poland, Andrew Greenleaf, Seamus Gilbert, and Basel White.

snow sculpture

Sophomores created this Olympic podium for their entry in the snow sculpture competition. From left: Sandra Thelander, Kaleb Brackley-Prouty, Stuart McNaughton, Benji Pugh, sophomore advisor and science teacher Matt Buchwalder, Adlai Nelson, Erika Mathieson, Brooke Seiders, Bella Fabiano, Ellie Mathews, Victoria Melehov, and Ben McManus.

tug of war

Seniors Dylan Soohey, Levi McAtee, and Isaac Knapp go shirtless in the snow to win LA Winter Carnival for the Class of 2018.