A Message from the Associate Head of School

On Wednesday, March 14, some of our students plan to participate in a 17​-​minute walkout in a stand against gun violence in schools​. This is part of a national student walkout in response to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. We plan to respect the desire of ​students who choose to voice their concerns about ​​safety in ​schools.

This walkout is entirely​ student led, and we will not impose consequences on the students who participate​,​ provided that students comply with expectations, rules, and regulations​ during their peaceful protest​. We also recognize that some students will not participate​,​ and ​their choice will also be respected.

Our task as educators ​is to​ be supportive of all of our students, and create a safe environment for their voices to be heard. We will communicate to all of our students that we expect ​​this event ​will​ be a brief interruption in the school day, and that ​​students ​will resume their studies promptly​ after the 17-minute event.

Thank You,
Andrew T. Mullin