Camden LeBel and Scott Petersen

Journalists Camden LeBel and Scott Petersen collaborated on this news story about the 2018 Bard Coffee House, which takes place on Thursday, March 21 at 7 pm in the LA Dining COmmons.

by Camden LeBel ’21 and Scott Petersen ’21

Every year, Patti Sims of Lincoln Academy’s English department showcases her students’ writing at an annual Bard House. This year marks the 6th anniversary of the first public Short Story Coffee House, which has allowed students to express their creative side and showcase their hard work and writing abilities to family and friends.

The short story unit, which educates students on the elements of literature in stories, has always been part of the Honors English curriculum, but six years ago Ms. Sims’ students started sharing their work with the public! This year the event will be held Thursday, March 22nd at 7:00pm. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy an hour of short stories and refreshments, such as baked goods and coffee, which will be provided for free by Sims’ Honors English 1 class.

All students will be reading excerpts of their short stories, except for two students selected by their peers to share their full story with an audience. Some story titles include “For You” by Vanessa Albert, “Scorpius” by Ava Carmolli, and featured full-length stories include “You Are.” by Becca Lambert and “Descending to Human” by Honora Boothby. “My story, I think, is well received because it resonates with a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons, and I hope it’ll help others better understand themselves and others,” says Lambert. “You Are,” a featured story, centers around a Canadian hockey player who is born into a famous family, and struggles to fit in with his peers.

Riley Stevenson, who is one of the MCs for the night said, “This experience has been very interesting because it’s forced us all to work with people we wouldn’t work with otherwise, and we’ve all been forced to take a different look at our writing styles to fit the short-story format. It’s been a great experience, for sure.” The event will take place in the dining commons at Lincoln Academy, and all are welcome to attend. Come stop by for snacks and enjoy student’s stories!

Camden LeBel and Scott Petersen are students in Ms. Sims Honors English 1 Class.