Theater Master Class

Beth Preston, Wiscasset HS senior Ayanna Main, LA junior Kayleigh Tolley, LA senior Miles Jackson, CTL student Sophia Scott, LA junior Rachael Schuster, LA junior Ethan Jones, Camden Hills sophomore Elaine Landry, Professor Ed Reichert.

Theater students from Lincoln Academy and other local schools had the opportunity to take a Master Class in musical theater last week with USM Theater Professor Ed Reichert.

In addition to teaching at USM, Reichert is sought-after accompanist, an Equity actor, and 20-year Artist in Residence at Maine State Music Theater.

“It is great for student actors to get a fresh perspective on their acting and singing,” said Lincoln Academy choir teacher Beth Preston, who teaches private voice lessons to many of the students who participated. “That’s why Master Classes are so important. Ed offered helpful advice to every participant.”

“I felt really comfortable with the kids and I thought ALL of them did excellent work!” commented Reichert after the class. “I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the class. They were so respectful and polite, too!”