Chloe M Climate Action visit

House District 88 candidate Chloe Maxmin visited the Lincoln Academy Climate Action Club, which she founded as a ninth grader, on May 11. From left: Isabelle Manahan, Jojo Martin, Charlie Scimone, Chloe Maxmin, Riley Stevenson, and Camden LeBel.

Chloe Maxmin, who is currently running for Maine House District 88 (Jefferson, Whitefield, Chelsea, and part of Nobleboro) visited Lincoln Academy’s Climate Action Club on Friday, May 11.

Maxmin, who grew up in Nobleboro and graduated from Lincoln Academy in 2010, founded the LA Climate Action Club in 2007 when she was in ninth grade. Science teacher Charlie Scimone helped her found the club and has been the club’s advisor ever since.

In the 11 years since the club began members have raised money (largely through Hannaford’s CLYNK recycling competition, which the Climate Action Club won multiple years) for projects that “make the LA campus greener,” according to Scimone. Club installations include solar panels, a water bubbler where students can fill reusable water bottles, LED lighting, energy efficient hand-dryers, and more.

Maxmin, who is in full campaign mode preparing for her June 12 District 88 Democratic primary, was happy to revisit her old stomping grounds.“The foundation for all my work today came from my time at Lincoln Academy—my teachers, my peers, and the Climate Action Club,” she said. “I’m so inspired by the students and Mr. Scimone who have kept the CAC going strong for over 11 years.”

She spoke to club members about her campaign, her belief in grassroots activism, and her path from LA student to political candidate. The students found her both inspiring and relatable.

Riley Stevenson is a ninth grade member of the club who said, “I found Chloe’s time with us to be a really amazing experience. Meeting someone who started exactly where we did and ended up running for a local government position really proved to me how much of a difference we can make. She is also just a wonderful person to talk to and be around. I can’t wait to get involved in her campaign and hopefully see her go on to win!”

“It was great to hear from someone in our community who is interested in the same things we are interested in, and to see Chloe actually executing the change that we are trying to create through Climate Action Club,” said sophomore Jojo Martin. “It’s cool that she was right here at LA not that long ago.”

“Chloe Maxmin had the idea of creating a Climate Action Club at Lincoln Academy, and I had the privilege of being the advisor to the club,” said Scimone. “Her energy and enthusiasm allowed the club to do many great things at LA. Chloe was responsible for the first array of solar panels on the school roof. Today, Chloe took time out of her busy schedule running for public office to visit the Climate Action Club. Once again, she served as an inspiration for the students at school and for myself. Chloe truly believes in our community, our future and in democracy.”