2018 Science Awards

Science department faculty with Science Department Award winners at the Friday Community Meeting on April 27. From left: Grace Wehrle, Matt Buchwalder, William Doan, Victoria Melehov, Charlie Scimone, Quinn Straus, Sam Russ, Riley Stevenson, Andrew Nery, Matt Leland, Kai-Lin Shen, Libby Mooney, Emma Allen, Basel White, Steve Cheff.

The Lincoln Academy Science Department announced its annual department awards on Friday, April 27. Each year two students from each grade at LA receive an award for excellence in science, and the department faculty also select one junior to receive the the Bausch and Lomb Award and one senior to receive the “All-Science Award.”

2018 Department Awards for excellence in science for each grade went to: Riley Stevenson and Andrew Nery (grade 9), Victoria Melehov and Quinn Straus (Grade 10), Kai-lin Shen and Sam Russ (Grade 11), and Basel White and Emma Allen (Grade 12).

The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award is given each year to a junior who has expressed interest in pursuing a science or engineering career. The award winner receives an application waiver to the University of Rochester, and is eligible for a $10,000 a year scholarship to the University of Rochester. The award went this year to junior William Doan. In their presentation the science department said that “William clearly loves science and math. This year he took both AP Chemistry and AP Physics, earned 2 silver metals in the Science Olympiad, and won a number of awards for his victories on the math team. William has frequently expressed his desire to become an engineer.”

The Lincoln Academy All Science Award is given to the senior who has taken the most science courses in their class. This student is awarded a lab coat decorated and signed by the science department. The Class of 2018 All Science award went to senior Grace Wehrle. In their presentation the department described Grace as “an exceptional scientist, who took six credits of science at Lincoln Academy, with half of those classes being Advanced Placement.” Grace will attend Skidmore college next year and plans to major in neuroscience.