On Friday, May 4 Lincoln Academy juniors were recognized with the annual Book Awards. These awards, endowed by the alumni from various colleges and other organizations, honor LA juniors who excel in academics, community service, and extracurriculars.

“Our seniors receive honors and scholarships every year at Class Night,” said Lincoln Academy Associate Head of School for External Affairs Matt Goetting. “These Book Awards recognize eleventh graders who have achieved academic excellence. It is a great privilege to work with these terrific students, and we are lucky to have them back again next year.”

The 2018 Book Award recipients are: Yale University: Wendy Qin; Smith College: Selina Yue; Bowdoin College: William Doan, Chatham University: Rachael Schuster; St. Thomas University: Patrick Preston, College of the Atlantic: Ezra Smith; Dartmouth College: Sam Russ; George Washington University: Jemma Tang; Mount Holyoke College: Kayleigh Tolley; St. Michael’s College: Lily Goltz and Charles Sleeman; Wellesley College: Katherine Tolley; Williams College: Liam Cullina; Phi Beta Kappa Achievement Award: Aspen Dyer.

St. Michael's book award

Lincoln Academy Guidance Counselor Jose Cordero presented LA junior Lily Goltz with the St. Michael’s College Book Award. This was one of 14 2018 Book Awards presented to LA juniors on May 4th.

Sarah Wills-Viega is the Director of Counseling and Studies who, along with Guidance Counselors Jose Cordero and Cynde Ferrill, award the Lincoln Academy Book Awards each year. She said, “These book awards give us a wonderful opportunity to recognize students in the junior class who have made significant contributions to the Lincoln Academy community, including academic achievement, extracurricular involvement and community service.”

More photos of the 2018 Book Award presentations can be found in this album on the LA Flickr Page.