LA sealLincoln Academy’s World Languages Department recognized the following students on Friday, May 4 for excellence in French, Spanish, and Italian. Students were selected based on their work ethic, enthusiasm, ability, contribution to class and overall effort.

The following students were recognized in French:French I: Danna Dominguez, Isabelle Manahan, Jorge Pulido-Fernandez, Tuong Nguyen, Caeden Bross, Riley Stevenson. French II : Carissa Fawber. French II Honors: Benjamin Pugh, Catherine Monkman. French III: Thomas Jones. French III Honors: Joseph Cleaves, Meghan Rittal, Abigail Roberts. French IV AP: Madeleine Archer, Charles Van Damme

The following students were recognized in Spanish: Spanish I Honors: Caitlin Cass, Ningchuan Mark Ma. Spanish I: William Banks, Jewel Farrin, Alexia Mathews, Byron McKitrick, Meghan Rose. Honors Spanish II: Natalie Burns, Wenxin Liang, Adelaide Mullin, Quinn Straus. Spanish II: Joseph Giberson, Tatum Hancock, Akiko Montanaro, Madison Tilas. Honors Spanish III: Aidan McCullen, William Cullina, Sam Russ, Katherine Tolley, Madeline York. Spanish IV AP: Kai-Lin Shen. Spanish IV: Finn Dworkin

Lisa Howard will be recognized for her outstanding work ethic and strong drive to achieve excellence in Italian during Class Night.

The Excellence in Foreign Languages awards for Seniors will be presented at Class Night on May 30.