It is that time of year! Preseason sports have already begun at Lincoln Academy, and classes start next week. Below please find important information about the upcoming school year.

All grades begin classes on Wednesday, August 29. Each grade will have a different schedule:

Ninth graders will meet from 7:50-2:45 for a full day of orientation led by their advisors. Tenth graders will participate in a half day of community service, and be dismissed at 11:40. Eleventh graders will have a half-day of career training, and be dismissed at 11:40. Seniors will have a full day of team building at Camp Kieve in Nobleboro.

Buses will run on the regular schedule in the morning, and make two runs home: one at 11:40 and one at 2:45. See the bus schedules at this link.

Starting Thursday, August 30, all students will have full school days from 7:50 an-2:35 pm, with buses running morning and afternoon.

The 2018-19 year-long calendar is available at this link, and a daily rotation calendar is available at this link. Individual schedules are now available on students’ PowerSchool account.