Homecoming weekend was a great success!  The weather was amazing, the events festive, and the foods were a delight.  Our residential students were very involved in all of the events, including the parade, dance, and then cheering on their friends at the athletic games.  We even celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival with an evening trip to look at the moon, share songs and poems, and moon cakes.

Looking ahead, the weather is starting to turn cooler and we are beginning to prepare for the colorful foliage of autumn in Maine. We will take a shopping trip this weekend for students to purchase warm clothing while exploring the city of Portland.  We will also pick apples and do some baking together, then eat the fabulous creations.

Is your child working on college applications and entrance exams?  This year’s schedule of SAT, ACT and TOEFL exams has been posted on the Lincoln Academy website.  There are lots of options for testing here on campus and the Office of Resident Life will provide student transportation to one ACT and one SAT test scheduled at Morse High School this year.  PLEASE NOTE:  Students are encouraged to sign-up for tests located onsite at Lincoln Academy.  If a student would like to take a test other than the ones listed at the link below they must get permission from their parents and arrange for their own transportation to and from the testing location.  https://www.lincolnacademy.org/college-board-and-esol-testing/