The last week has brought a lot of changes in our corner of the world.  Many of the trees have begun their fall transformation, bringing endless colors into sight.  The reds, yellows, and oranges of autumn will soon give way to browns and grays as leaves drop and the grounds begin to freeze.  We also experienced our first freeze of the year.  While snow is still weeks away, lower temperatures are a reminder that the seasons are indeed changing.

Over the last weekend, activities included a night hike, roller skating and a trip to the nearby Camden Hills Snow Bowl.  During the winter, the Camden Snow Bowl is a popular ski location.  It’s a small mountain at just over 1,000 feet elevation, but there are gorgeous overlooks to the sea and this time of year the ski lift is open for special sightseeing trips as Mainers and tourists alike flock to the area for “leaf peeping.”  Our students got to see the beautiful hillsides in it’s peek color display of the season.

We reached our first academic marking period at the end of last week.  The school year is now one-sixth of the way complete and progress report grades were assigned for the middle of the first trimester.  These mid-trimester grades are issued for each course and is only a reference point as to how each student is doing  half-way through the trimester.  Remember these grades can and do change very quickly as assignments are handed in and graded.  Please check your email for a message from Lincoln Academy that includes progress report grades as well as comments from dorm parents about your child’s experience living here as a student.

Photos Credits:  Missy Abbott, Deha Ay and Monica Tan