The colder weather of autumn in Maine has settled in, but that didn’t stop us from getting outside and having lots of fun this past weekend!  On Friday night students who were interested had the opportunity to spend the night camping on Damariscotta Lake.  We set up tents, had a fire, cooked snack, and told scary fireside stories!  On Saturday we all adventured together at a ropes/zip-line adventure course where many students challenged themselves in new ways and truly had a fun time.  In preparation for Halloween, we carved pumpkins on Sunday and began decorating the dorms.  Wednesday brought our first snowfall of the school year.

As we look ahead, this coming weekend will be full of scary and spooky events as Halloween is just next week.  Thanksgiving vacation is now three weeks away.  This vacation will mark the first extended break of the school year.  Our dorms will be open during this vacation, but students will be allowed to travel if permissions/plans are in place.  As a reminder, during the Christmas, February, and April vacations our dorms are closed.  If you are still looking for vacation programming during these dorm closures, please click here:

Post by Jake Abbott

Photo credits:  Missy Abbott, Monica Tan