Lincoln Academy Wellness Department Head Radek Janik (left) and Martial Arts Instructor Glen Fitzmaurice (right) greeting prospective students at Lincoln Academy’s recent 8th Grade Family Night. LA is one of the only schools in Maine to offer martial arts as part of the regular high school curriculum.

The Lincoln Academy Wellness Department “provides a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the mental, emotional, social and physical well being of students. Each course is designed to prepare students with lifelong skills that promote good choices, physical fitness, personal safety and overall well being,” according to the Academy’s website.

Under the leadership of Department Chair Radek Janik, the LA Wellness Department thinks beyond traditional gym and health classes. “We strive to offer a variety of courses that meet the needs of all students and support them in learning skills we feel are necessary for one’s entire life,” said Janik.

With this in mind, for the last four years the department has been offering a variety of martial arts classes that are open to all students.

Glen Fitzmaurice is LA’s current Martial Arts Instructor. In addition to teaching at LA, he is the owner and lead instructor at the Maine Isshinryu Karate Academies (M.I.K.A.) in Randolph, Maine, which he opened in 1998. Fitzmaurice, who started studying martial arts at the age of 13, currently holds the rank of 5th degree Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate.

Fitzmaurice’s Martial Arts curriculum at LA focuses on respect, discipline, situational awareness, and safety.

Senior William Doan enjoyed the martial arts class he took at LA. “Not only did I learn Taekwondo and Kendo skills, which help improve my reactions while facing dangers, I got a chance to know about Taichi, a wonderful mind-relaxing practice. My favorite part of the class was fencing. We were provided with very good equipment and had opportunity to compete a tournament. Overall, it is a great class and I recommend for students to sign up for it if possible.”

“We are one of the few high schools in Maine that offers martial arts as part of a high school curriculum,” said Janik. “These are skills that will serve students for a lifetime.”