The recycling table constructed by IDEAL students is now in use in the Lincoln Academy Life Skills Classroom.

By Gavin Dumond

Lincoln Academy’s IDEAL (Innovatively Designed Education for All Learners) students recently completed a recycling table for the Life Skills program at Lincoln Academy. The table will be used to help Life Skills students collect and sort bottles. The project of collecting bottles helps Life Skills students work ethically and responsibly. The table itself helps the students to clean and sort bottles before taking them to the redemption center.

The IDEAL program at LA is designed to help non-traditional learners thrive. Most students in the program attend vocational classes at the Bath Regional Career and and Technical Center (BRCTC) or Midcoast School of Technology in Rockland (MST) or have Service-Based Learning, or work at job outside of school during the morning hours, and spend afternoons in the IDEAL center just off the LA campus.

The IDEAL students were responsible for all aspects of the recycling table project. The designer for the table project was Waldo Joclyn, who worked with IDEAL Ed Tech Charlie Mitchell and students to make sure the table would be properly built according to the needs of the students who would be using it. Kyle Holmes was responsible for materials, and his tasks included putting the list of materials needed together, getting a cost for the table components, and obtaining the materials from the school salvage area.

The actual construction crew were Kyle Holmes, Austin Teele and Waldo Joclyn, who drew, measured, cut, assembled and polyedxd the table according to the the design. The students redesigned the table several times until it met all accomodations needed by the Life Skills class. Austin Teele was the official project documenter, who took photographs of the project in process, and also helped in the construction. The whole project was reported by Gavin Dumond. Jake Davis will present the project to the public.

“We would like to thank the Miles Memorial Second Hand shop’s drop off location and the facilities team at Lincoln Academy, who helped with this project,” said Austin Teele “We hope the table will help the Life Skills class continue to help with recycling at LA.”

Gavin Dumond is a student in the LA IDEAL Program.