This week we began the second trimester of the school year.  Many students returned from Thanksgiving Vacation travels, but many also stayed on campus and enjoyed some much needed relaxation time.

To kickoff the vacation we were honored with an additional day off as the snow came early and caused the cancellation of classes due to poor driving conditions.  Our students slept-in and then reveled in the opportunities to play in the snow – which for many was a first!

Everyone who chose to stay on campus for this vacation was treated to a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings.  We reported to Camp Wavus ( for this event.  The fireplace was lit, games were played, sledding in the snow took place, and an amazingly good meal was enjoyed while we talked about what we were thankful for.  Many adults from the school community also came to enjoy this Residential Life program tradition!

Vacation wrapped up with the second dorm-Wing dinner event.  The students and dorm parent from Yellow Wing spent the day in the Dining Commons working alongside our kitchen staff to produce a student selected menu of Vietnamese Pho, vegetable stir fry, salad and a large cake.  It was truly delicious!!

Please be on the lookout for your student’s second trimester grades and Dorm Report by email next week.  We’re all looking forward to a good start to the new trimester!

Post by Jake Abbott.  Photo Credits: Missy Abbott