Winter has crept even closer as we officially turned our clocks back last weekend, ending daylight savings time.  When this happens, sunset happens at 4:30 in the afternoon, which makes for long afternoons and nights.  When you couple that with winter temperatures and hints of snow in the forecast, it really has started to feel like we are entering the coldest part of the year here in Maine!

In support of that, last weekend we offered a lesson in how to dress for the cold winter months, then offered a trip to Freeport, Maine to do some much needed cold weather clothes shopping.  There will be more opportunities to do this over the week-long vacation just ahead, including the long awaited and much anticipated black Friday shopping event just after American Thanksgiving!

Please note that next week marks the end of the first trimester of the school year.  Grades close on Friday, November 16.  The Residential Life Office will endeavor to send grade reports by Monday, November 26 so that parents can be updated on their students first trimester academic progress.

Post by Jake Abbott.  Photo credits:  Missy Abbott, Jenny Mayher