The LA musicians who qualified for the 2019 All State Music Festival. Back row: Caleb Wight, John Henry Eddyblouin, Jojo Martin, Ethan Jones, Jonah Daiute, Lucas Steinberger, Sam Russ, Ian Tan, Aidan McCullen, Jarrett Gulden, Topher Prokopius, Choir teacher Beth Preston. Front row: band teacher Liz Matta, Brennan Cruz, Ellie Mathews, May Halm, Katherine Tolley, Kayleigh Tolley, Emmie Farrell, Chris Burrow, Adlai Nelson.

Lincoln Academy once again broke a school record at the Maine Music Educators’ All State Festival auditions held at Biddeford High School on Saturday, November 10. 33 LA students auditioned for All States, and of those, 20 were selected–12 vocalists and eight instrumentalists, the highest number in LA history.

All State auditions were held at three different sites across the state of Maine with hundreds of students auditioning at each site. Each student who auditioned prepared classical solo pieces and demonstrated their ability to sight read music on the spot.

This was junior vocalist Ellie Mathews’ first time auditioning, and she found the audition to be more supportive than she expected. “Although everyone was anxious, we were also very supportive of each other which was honestly my favorite part of the audition,” she said. “Surprisingly, the encouragement was not just from LA students, but also individuals from other schools wishing us good luck when we were called for our auditions, which created a really positive mindset for me.”

“Having done the audition all four years of high school, I approached it differently differently this year,” said senior tubist Sam Russ. “As a freshman I just tried to learn the music. Now I am working on perfecting it.”

Students selected for the Orchestra are junior Aidan McCullen, mallets; senior Sam Russ, tuba; junior Lucas Steinberger, String Bass; and senior Ian Tan, bassoon. Students selected for band are senior Chris Burrow, clarinet; junior Jarrett Gulden, saxophone; junior Adlai Nelson, French horn; and freshman Topher Pokopius, tuba.

Students accepted for Mixed Choir are sophomore Brennan Cruz, senior Jonah Daiute, senior Ethan Jones, junior Jojo Martin, and junior Aidan Stapp, tenors; senior Emmie Ferrell and senior Kayleigh Tolley, sopranos; junior Ellie Mathews, alto; and junior John Henry Eddyblouin and sophomore Caleb Wight, basses. Students accepted for Treble Choir are senior May Halm, soprano; and senior Katherine Tolley, alto.

Chris Burrow took the unusual challenge of auditioning on three instruments, clarinet, flute and piccolo. Caleb Wight auditioned as a bass vocalist and also on tuba. The three tuba players that auditioned received scores that put them in the top four in the state.

“The quality of Lincoln’s Performing Arts programs is exceptional,” said Interim Head of School Nancy Starmer. “The number of musicians who auditioned for All State programs and the remarkable number who were selected speaks volumes not only about the talent of our students but also the skill and dedication of teachers Liz Matta and Beth Preston. I’m extremely proud of them all!”

“I’m happy that I was selected,” said Ellie Mathews. “This is my first year in Lincolnaires so it was kind of a surprise that I got in with so little technical training. I’m grateful to say the least. Ms. Preston did a good job preparing us for sure!”

The Maine All-State Music Festival takes place in May of 2019 at the University of Maine, Orono. Qualifying students will learn their music over the next six months, and then spend three days rehearsing with the top musicians in the state of Maine before the All State Concert on May 18.

For Sam Russ, who has had the highest tuba score in the State both his junior and senior year, this will be his third trip to the Festival. “All States is a great experience. There is something there for everyone to learn.”