William Doan ’19, the star of The Late Saturday Night with William Doan. The pilot of his YouTube show aired on Saturday, December 1.

Lincoln Academy senior William Doan has launched his own TV show on YouTube. He gathered a team of videographers and sound editors from among his fellow residents in the LA boarding program, and together they have put together the new weekly YouTube show “The Late Saturday Night Show with William Doan.”

When asked what inspired him to create his own show, Doan said, “I am really inspired by Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel who always bring a lot of humor and energy to their shows. I really love watching those shows because they made me laugh, relax, and also learn a lot. I decided to make ‘The Late Saturday Night Show with William Doan’ as an entertaining talk show every Saturday night. I talked to some of friends about the idea and we agreed to work on this project. And the pilot I released is the product of an upcoming series of episodes.”

In addition to Doan, who is the show’s director as well as on-camera host, the production team includes Leon Wang ’19, Stage Director and Logo Designer; Minseo Choi ’19, Video Editing Director, Alison York ’19, Sound Effect Director and Music Manager, Peter Nguyen ’21, Assistant Music Manager; Scott Nguyen ’21, Assistant Music manager; Lorenzo Parages de Silva ’22; Assistant Music manager; Mark Liu ’21, Camera Manager; Alex Marin ’19 Cameraman, and others.

“I hope the show will be viewed by people at Lincoln Academy and local community. I will do my best to do weekly school announcements, updates and upcoming events. Conversations with the guests will help people know a little bit more about Lincoln Academy community and especially the residential program. I want to contribute to bring the friendly image of the school to the world and have more new students coming here in the future,” said Doan.

The pilot episode, which is 90 seconds long, has already had 500 views on YouTube in its first 2 days, and the production team looks forward to its next episode, which will air next Saturday night, December 8.