Bella Fabiano ’20 riding with Joe Meyer’s Eventing Olympic Training in Ocala, Florida

My first Ocala “Friendsgiving” was just as exciting as the rest of my days here. The people I’m surrounded with are all so easy to relate to, of course considering we are all together because of the competitive equestrian sport. Ocala has just started to get a taste of winter and the nights are just barely raw enough for a few of our less furry horses to wear turnout rugs. The four barn kittens are have also been sneaking their warm into our heated rooms when they can’t find warmth in a spare blanket.

The month of November has brought upon so many great, and not so great things. Working with the horses has continued you be a full time job, where some days with be six hour days, while others you get a half an hour sleep before your next shift to stay awake and check on an ill horse. November has brought us three imported young horses from Ireland, who we are working on getting fit and sold. November has also taken away from us an older horse who was loved, and will continue to be loved by most.

Our trainer, Joe Meyer, just competed and placed in the top ribbons of the international eventing competition Ocala Jockey Club. However, he happen to finish the weekend even after him and one of his horses fell and cracked Joe’s sternum. Joe hasn’t been able to ride for a while, therefore myself and two other students have had a lot extra horses to ride

My first November in Ocala, could have been worse and could have been better, but I could not be more excited to see how these horses make December.

Isabella Fabiano is a junior at Lincoln Academy, currently spending the school year in Ocala, Florida with Joe Meyer’s Eventing Olympic Training. She is the daughter of Benedict Fabiano from Westport Island, and Cassandra Van Wickler from Damariscotta.