Student members of the LA Library Team hosted this year’s Preview Cafe in the Lincoln Academy Library. From left: Natashah Corlis-Brannan, Alana Brown, Zak Bhe, Jenna Sullivan, Sophie Erickson, Anna Drake, Ben McManus, Marina McManus, Madelyn Teele, Shuyu Pang, Addison Brinkler, and Olivia Hardina

The Lincoln Academy Library recently completed its annual Preview Cafe, where librarians Cathi Howell and Jennifer Betts showcased more than 175 new books that are now available for LA students and faculty to check out. These books were selected through a process that includes students who are part of the Library Team as well as suggestions from other students and faculty.

Every LA student had the opportunity to review the new books when their English classes visited the library during the Preview Cafe. Howell said, “getting 100% of LA students to the library during this event is important to us, so we schedule each English Class and special program for a visit during the month December.” During the Preview Cafe the library was decorated in a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” theme, and librarians served snacks to participants, including more than 20 dozen homemade cupcakes baked by Howell.

The next event in the LA library will be January, 2019’s Books and Brunch event on January 16 with Maine author Gillian French, whose Young Adult mystery Grit is an Edgar Award Nominee for Best Young Adult Mystery of 2018. Participants will share a book discussion and themed lunch with French in the LA library, and community members are invited to attend. For more information about Books and Brunch please contact Cathi Howell at