Wenxin Liang ’19 coaches May Halm ’19 (center) and Andrea Gutierez ’20 (right) in playing a game she created wrote the code for during Computer Science Week last year.

This week is International Computer Science Week and students in the LA Coding Club and Exploring Computer Science class are working with a variety of Math classes to help them learn to code. Led by senior and coding club president Wenxin Liang, the Computer Science students include Carissa Fawber, Josh Webber, Noah Powell, Ryan Naylor, Tyler McFarland, Jake Liu, and Bradley Resch. By breaking into small groups, they have been able to attend three different math classes to lead their student colleagues in coding activities from Code.Org.

The Coding Club hopes that through these brief coding exercises, students will be interested enough to attend the community-wide Hour of Code which will be held on Wednesday, December 5 from 3-4pm in the LA Library Annex. People of all coding abilities are encouraged to attend and snacks will be provided. Find out more about the after-school coding workshop here.