The photos above won the 2018 Fall Photo Contest. “Campus” winner: LA bell tower reflected in a puddle by senior Chloe Tian. “People of LA” winner: Kaleb and his Puppy by junior Andrea Gutierrez. 

The 2019 Lincoln Academy Yearbook team announced the winners of the Fall Photo Contest on Friday, December 7 in the LA Community Meeting. The contest had two categories, “Campus” and “People of LA.” One of the goals of the contest was to solicit student photographs for use in the 2019 LA yearbook.

There were over 100 photographs entered into the competition. Judging was done by the yearbook class and the LA Photo Club.

The winners were senior Chloe Tian for a campus photograph of the LA bell tower reflected in a puddle, and junior Andrea Gutierrez for a portrait of fellow junior Kaleb Brackley-Prouty with a puppy. Second place photos were taken by senior Selina Yue and Gloria Tian. Runners up were Peter Nguyen, Paige Camp, Joshua Ramsey, and Galen Daley-O’Donnell.

Top row from left: ATEC Class by Joshua Ramsey, Evening Light by Peter Nguyen, Portrait of Rohan by Galen Daley-O’Donnell. Second row from left: Maddy Smiling by Chloe Tian, Pemaquid Sunset by Selina Yue, Fall Leaves by Paige Camp. Bottom: Courtyard Tree by Gloria Tian.