Winter.  It is cold and snowy here at Lincoln Academy!  Even when the temperature gets below freezing, there are still many ways to stay active and have fun and we aim to do it all!  The Resident Life Office is offering lots of opportunities for students to get outside and enjoy this special season here in Maine. Please encourage your son or daughter to get involved in as many of these activities as possible!!  Our current winter offerings include:

  • Ice skating
  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Snow tubing
  •  National Toboggan Championships
  • Ice fishing
  • Curling
  • Dog-sled driving
  • Winter Hiking
  • Full moon owl walks
  • Snow fort making

February vacation is February 16 – February 24, 2019  and the school dormitories will be closed.  Starting next week we will begin collecting vacation travel plans from students.  If you have not already helped your student make plans, now is the time to do this.  Click here for the approved travel dates for the school year to help you in this regard.  Also know that we still have a few spaces remaining for the Kieve Winter Vacation Camp for students who will not travel.  The Residential Life Office will NOT be providing home-stays for this vacation, so the camp is an opportunity that should not be missed!

Grades:  We are two weeks away from the middle of trimester two.  Please check-in with your son or daughter regarding their academics and encourage them to seek help or support as needed.

Here is an important message regarding Lincoln Academy’s stance on student’s who wish to travel home in celebration of Lunar New Year:

Some students have expressed an interest in returning home for the celebration of the Lunar New Year holiday and remaining there through Lincoln Academy’s February break.  Lincoln Academy understands the significance of this holiday but does not support the extended absence required for students to return home. When a student misses extended time from school, much of the class content that is taught is missed.  This makes learning harder and it is quite possible that even while making up all of the assigned work, the student will still experience a significant reduction in his or her grade. It is also very important to mention that in past years there have been situations with seniors, already accepted to college, who have lost their admission due to a significant drop in academic grades during the second trimester.  Please consider these points when making the final decision about allowing your son or daughter to leave school for an extended period of time. If you have questions about this, please contact Jake Abbott (Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life) or Jose Cordero (Academic Guidance Counselor).