I am William Doan, a senior from Vietnam studying at Lincoln Academy. “The Late Saturday Night Show with William Doan” is a talk show published every Saturday night at 7pm on this YouTube channel.

I started my show on December 1st, 2018 with the release of the pilot on my YouTube channel. Every week, at least one guest is invited to the show to have intimate conversations along with fun challenges for both guests and the host. On the show, I am also doing weekly school announcements, updates and upcoming events especially from the residential program. Music performances and advertisements are included. The show is expected to bring entertainment to everyone on the weekend after a week of hard work and also help the admission office broadcast the image of the Lincoln Academy community to students all around the world. I am really happy to receive a lot of help from many students and teachers in order to make the show happen.

After nearly three months running the show, I have received a lot feedback and comments from the viewers to help me improve the quality of each episode. I released total of 11 episodes and 21 videos. The channel at the moment has over 150 subscribers and nearly 4,800 views. The most viewed video is the pilot with over 1000 views. In the last 9 episodes, I invited 11 special guests from 5 different countries: Brazil, Spain, China, Kazakhstan and America. In each episode, I had different challenges for special guests such drawing contest, soccer challenge, horse riding and so on.

With the support from viewers in the past 4 months, I decided to have a LIVE SHOW on Saturday, March 30th. It will be from 7pm to 8pm at the Lincoln Academy Dining Commons.

This will be my first live show and also the biggest event I will have for the Late Saturday Night show with William Doan. In order to make this important event special, I have very done careful preparation for it. There will be more than one special guest on the show. Moreover, the scripts I prepare for this show are expected to entertain the audience with many jokes and hilarious questions. I will also show a video of fail moments when I was filming the past episodes. In the Dining Commons, there will be a concession table selling snacks and drinks for the audience along with an auction table. In the auction table, there will be a display of several objects such as pictures relating to the show for everyone to bid on and win. Audience members will be offered opportunity to ask the host questions at one time in the show. I am doing my best to make this event one to remember for people coming to Lincoln Academy on March 30th.

There will be audience for this Live Show. The appearance and support from the audience means a lot to me as the person running the event. It will be a great motivation for me to make the show better and better in the future to meet your expectations. The ticket price is $2 per person. In order to buy a ticket, there are several ways for you to choose. Students at Lincoln Academy can purchase the ticket from 2 weeks before the Live Show in the table outside the Dining Commons during lunch. Everyone can also reserve tickets online and pay on the show date by emailing me with the address: doanhw@lincolnacademy.org. You can also buy the ticket on the day of the Live Show at the door. Please invite your friends, family and anyone to the show. The content will be appropriate for all ages and entertaining for everyone. Coming to the Live Show is also a great opportunity to know more about the international student community at Lincoln Academy. If you cannot make it to watch at the theater, the show will be also livestream on the Lincoln Academy News Facebook page. I really hope you will come to support and enjoy the show!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at doanhw@lincolnacademy.org. I am looking forward to seeing you in the Live Show on March 30th!