A sprinting relay at the 2019 Winter Sport Olympics.

By William Doan ’19

On March 15th, Lincoln Academy residential program and the ambassadors club together successfully ran the annual Sport Olympics. The event received very positive feedback from both teachers, dorm parents and participants. This is the second year this event happened at Lincoln Academy. Last year, the first annual Sport Olympics was considered one of the highlights of the year.

sport olympics 2019 2

A tug of war event at the 2019 Winter Sport Olympics.

The idea of the event came up in my mind during my sophomore summer vacation I was in Vietnam. I had a hope to organize this event for the residential program and the rest of the school. Understanding the importance of having events in the long winter which turned a lot of students into “potato couches,” I really wanted to have several fun events for the dorms. Sport Olympics is one of them. Sport Olympics is a competition for 8 teams made up of 5 members (at least 2 boys and 2 girls). They competed in 6 events including track, basketball (shootout and competing 3vs3), indoor soccer (3vs3), arm wrestling, ping pong and tug of war.

After getting their approval and some suggestions from school administrators, I had more confidence to organize a successful event. The next steps were to create a sign-up form, introduce and advertise the Olympics, find referees and host the Olympics. The first Sport Olympics was limited to only the residential students living in the dorm. The event went pretty well with the help from Missy Abbott and other dorm parents . There was a participation from the students in the dorm. In my opinion, the first time to run the Olympics seemed successful but more importantly I learned a lot to improve this year and make the Olympics bigger size.. It is my goal to make Sport Olympics a memorable annual event next year and after I graduate.

This year, I successfully made the Sport Olympics a whole-school event. Day students can participate and compete. Moreover, many students came to support their friends in the competition. With the help from ambassadors and dorm parents, the Olympics was more well-organized and competitive with the participation of day students. Seven teams of four to five players contributed to a wonderful afternoon in the LA gym. The competition was really competitive and fun to watch. The Olympics went quite smoothly and brought great memories to both the participants and spectators.

sport olymnics 2019

Arm wrestling during the 2019 Winter Sport Olympics.

I personally really enjoyed watching two of the dorm parents competing in some events. Missy and Ms. Richardson created one of the most intense arm wrestling match I have ever seen. The Olympics was expected to end at 5 pm but surprisingly it was finished more than an hour early thanks to some changes from last year. The winning team this year is team of Joy, Edu, Chloe, Diego and captain Jorge. The prize for the winners was $100. Second place and third place teams received $50 and $20. The sign-up sheet was sent to every student at Lincoln Academy through email 2 weeks before the event. I am really happy to see the effort every team put on the event and cheer for each other. I hope Sport Olympics will become an annual school event for everyone during the winter time in the future!

William Doan is a Lincoln Academy senior from Vietnam. His weekly talk show, The Late Saturday Night Show with William Doan, can be seen on his YouTube channel.