LA students Chris Burrow, Riley Stevenson, Frida Hennig, Amelia Carlson, and Nolen Michael participating in the March 2019 Sticker Shock event with Healthy Lincoln County, the CLC YMCA, and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

Damariscotta, ME (March 18, 2019) – On March 11, Lincoln Academy students placed over 3,500 neon orange stickers on cases of alcohol. The students, along with Jake Abbott of Lincoln Academy, Officer Worster from the Damariscotta Police Department, Karen-Ann Hagar from the CLC YMCA, and Jess Breithaupt from Healthy Lincoln County, completed a Sticker Shock event in Damariscotta. The event happened at four stores: Hannaford, Hilltop Stop, Main Street Grocery, and Rite Aid/Walgreens. The stickers warn consumers about the laws and penalties around providing alcohol to minors, which can result in fines up to $2000 and possible jail time.

Sticker Shock raises public awareness on the consequences of providing alcohol to minors, and it provides businesses with the opportunity to support substance use prevention through consumer education. All members of our community play an important part in keeping young people safe, and this event reminds everyone that providing alcohol to minors is a crime. Healthy Lincoln County plans Sticker Shock events several times a year, usually around holidays or events that promote drinking, such as St. Patrick’s Day and the Super Bowl.

YMCA Teen Leader Riley Stevenson helped coordinate the event. “The Sticker Shock is a great event because it lets teens from Lincoln Academy and the Y Teen Leaders Club connect with store owners and community members while also accomplishing a worthwhile goal,” Stevenson said.

The students that participate get the opportunity to learn important skills regarding coordination and event planning. The YMCA Teen leaders work with the stores and business partners to coordinate this event, and some of the student’s tasks include calling stores to gain consent, recruiting other students to participate, and coordinating dates and times with law enforcement. It’s truly a community effort with a big payoff- the teens learn important interpersonal skills while positively influencing behavior changes in the community.

Additional Sticker Shock events are planned for the spring. For more information, contact Healthy Lincoln County at 563-1330.