Plogging: from the Swedish plokka upp (pick up) + jogging = plogging.

We can credit the Swedes for coming up with a new way to both exercise and clean up litter alongside roads and trails. The plogging craze is sweeping through northern Europe and is now gaining traction in the United States.

Thanks to the Lincoln Area Community Fundraising Organization (LACFO) at Lincoln Academy, the first plogging event in Lincoln County will take place on April 27 in conjunction with the Elmer Tarr Bristol Roadside Cleanup. LACFO is a student club at Lincoln Academy that raises funds throughout the school year for donation to local non-profits.

Participants in the plogging race will run, jog, or walk while carrying a trash bag and picking up litter on a 5K route in Bristol. You will be getting your exercise on a nice spring day; burning more calories than by simply jogging or walking; cleaning up this part of the planet; and raising funds for four laudable local charities.

You can register for the LACFO Plog from 9:30-9:50 at Bristol Consolidated School, 2153 Bristol Road (Route 130). The race starts at 10am.

Student organizers will provide you with a trash bag, track your time on the course, and weigh the trash you collected. Every ounce gathered takes 4 seconds off your time. There will be prizes for top finishers.

All funds raised will be donated by LACFO to ElderCare, CHIP, Caring for Kids, and the Carpenter’s Boat Shop.

For the fundraising part of this event, students will accept a $5 minimum donation to register as a participant. Runners and walkers are encouraged to seek sponsors to add to their donation. If you can’t make it to the event and wish to sponsor a plogger or support local charities, please contact Jonah at