by William Doan

Maine is a beautiful state with many special events and celebrations throughout the year. And spring is a lovely season when all the snow is gone, leaving space for flowers to bloom up and trees to turn green. This year for the first time, Lincoln Academy will host Spring Festival, open to the community, on Saturday, May 18th.

Spring Festival is an event to celebrate the coming of spring. It is an event for everyone to gather, hang out and enjoy numerous activities happening on the LA campus on a lovely Saturday. Lincoln Academy is expected to host 200 to 400 students and people from the community for the event. The school turf and tennis court will be open for a Frisbee Tournament and Tennis Tournament free to anyone of any age or gender to sign up. Outside the LA Dining Commons where all the colorful tulips are shining in the sunshine, food trucks and the dining hall with a special menu will offer a number of options for lunch, including hot dogs, wood-fired pizza, and more. Furthermore, clubs at Lincoln Academy will offer a big sale with great deserts and ice creams. A bounce house will be available for children.

In addition, there will be open mic performances to satisfy visitors with wonderful music performances on a lovely, sunny day. Local recording artist Lauren Crosby, who also teaches English at Lincoln Academy, will be performing some of her original songs. After the music performances, the audience can watch the Pet Show in the upper field where beautiful pets will compete for prizes. New pet entries are welcome!

At Spring Festival, people will have opportunity to visit a student Art Fair where student art will be exhibited and sold in the silent auction. Spring Festival T-shirts will be sold to help cover the costs of the festival. This is also an amazing opportunity, especially for middle school students and local community members to get involved and learn more about Lincoln Academy, including about the international students from 19 different countries around the world.

LA Spring Fest, organized by LA student council and members of the residential program, takes place from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, May 18 and is free and open to the public. Hopefully this will become an annual event at Lincoln Academy where the local community will have an unforgettable celebration whenever spring comes. For further information or to sign up for a tournament, open mic act, or pet show entry, please visit the facebook event page on or contact organizer William Doan at

William Doan is a senior from Vietnam who is studying at Lincoln Academy. He is the host of the YouTube show The Late Saturday Night Show with William Doan.