Comedian Bob Marley with event organizers. From left: Math teacher and sophomore team leader Shelly Richardson, sophomore class treasurer Caitlin Cass, class president Wyatt Flower, Bob Marley, class secretary Cameron Wood, class representative Oz Karas, and class vice president Camden LeBel.

On Wednesday, May 1 comedian Bob Marley performed to a full house in the Lincoln Academy gym to benefit the class of 2021.

Sophomore class officers

Sophomore class officers introduced a night of comedy to a full gym of fans.

The event was coordinated by sophomore class officers Wyatt Flower, Camden LeBel, Cameron Wood, and Caitlin Cass and LA math teacher Shelley Richardson, who serves as faculty Team Leader for the Class of 2021. More than 650 people spent an hour with Marley, often called “Maine’s favorite comedian.” The gym was filled with laughter as Marley regaled listeners with jokes and stories about marriage, vacation in Mexico, being a comedian, and what makes Mainers different than other people.

“The show was even better than I expected,” said sophomore vice president Camden LeBel. “I didn’t think it was going to be so relatable and funny. [Bob Marley] captivated the whole audience for the whole show. Every single joke was so good.”

Sophomore class treasurer Caitlin Cass said, “the turnout was good too. So many people came, and they really loved it! He seemed genuinely happy to be there. He was very friendly when we met him before the show.”

"Maine's Favorite Comedian" Bob Marley performing in the LA gym on Wednesday, May 1 2019.

“Maine’s Favorite Comedian” Bob Marley performing in the LA gym on Wednesday, May 1 2019.

Sophomore class president Wyatt Flower agreed. “I think it went well. He was really funny, and what matters most is that everyone who came had a blast.”

Shelly Richardson is relieved that the event went so smoothly. “It worked out well for us. We were lucky to get Bob Marley to come when we did. This was his last school show for a while, and it was great to have him.”

In total the class sold 684 tickets, and after expenses the LA sophomore class cleared over $6500, more than any LA class has raised in recent years. They have more fundraisers planned to reach a $10,000 goal, which will allow the class to not only give a generous class gift, but to pay for yearbooks, graduation gowns, and class t-shirts for the entire class of 2021 when they are seniors. Most years students pay these expenses themselves, but Richardson and the class officers are very motivated to make the Class of 2021 different.

“We have a good team in place,” said LeBel. “I don’t think most classes could do what we have done… plus we were really lucky to get Bob Marley–that made it easy!”